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Instructional Video


Has anyone seen the David Thorn video mentioned and is it really a
looping tutorial (with emphasis on the Echoplex) ?

I've read some other posts that expressed interest in such a resource.
Wish Kim and Bob Sellon would interject their opinions.

I live in the San Francisco bay area and would get involved in a effort
to produce an amateur one...(if an official one is not
available/forthcoming). I've got some video equipment, two Jammans and
two EDPs; BUT MINIMAL EXPERIENCE USING THEM ! The user's manuals are
disappointing [right ?], so that's why a video is needed. The Looper's
Delight pages are a real gold mine,  but a show-and-tell video would be
so valuable to the whole looping community.

Come on everybody- start lobbying/pestering Gibson. There's an address
on the EDP page at Looper's Delight. It wouldn't be that hard for them
to produce one, and it would be such a wonderful sales tool. Seems like
now would be a good time too since they've just re-introduced the