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Re: Hell-o!

> Yep, Winter NAMM press release earlier this year.  It's interesting to 
> somebody (anybody) picking up the Korg Wavedrum idea (which I liked 
> ah vell). Speaking of which, anybody seen a wavedrum for sale???  Ever??

My local  music store (8th St Music) had one on display for quite some 
time. I
played around with it quite a bit and was amazed at it's capabilities but 
the time i didn't have the $$$ for it. Eventually it was discontinued and 
briefly after that..

What's interesting about this new Roland unit is it has midi OUT. 15 pads, 
ribbon controllers, and the Dream is there as well. This could be a very
interesting alternative controller along the lines of a budget Butler 
(which obviously is a very different creature but the initial triggering 
are similar).

I don't know *why* Roland is doing this though. How big is the market for 
a creature (priced at $1100 list no less) when the wavedrum died so 
quickly and
the groovebox romplers  are selling like  hotcakes.

Personally I'm hoping they show up used quickly... :)