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RE: Napster

---- Original Message -----
From: "Javier Miranda V." <gnomesis@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 12:50 PM
Subject: RE: Napster

>I happen to agree with Larry.  I've already gone to the record shop (to 
>surprise) and bought a bunch of CDs of people whose music I downloaded 
>Napster just to "see what they sound like."

Hear, hear.  I've already found people I've either not heard of or didn't 
hear enough of to check out.  Now I got the chance and solely because of 
what I've heard on Napster I've bought Ani Difranco, Patty Larkin, Leo 
Kottke (from my home state!  woooohooo!), . . .  even *new* no less!  I 
to buy used cds predominately.

This is an email from a friend of mine to whom I sent some Ani mp3's to:

   which album should i start with ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Ahem> . . . can you spell 'free promotion'?

>However, the argument about "new music" being promoted through Napster
>sounds weak to me.  I can't type "new music" and get a listing.  I only 
>listings of artists and songs I already know.  If I don't know it, I 
>likely download it.  I think only if everybody in Napster agrees to share 
>folder called "New Music," and put new original stuff in there they want 
>promoted, and only if folks actually go in those folders to "sample" 
>(sample like in sampling food), that would be a way new music would get 
>spread about.

Hey, I'll do that.  *implementing 'New Folder' feature*

Actually, I usually found new stuff by searching for stuff I know, and 
checking out what people who have this stuff also have.  Anybody with 
'Zappa' in their libraries has got to be worth a look.  I've been pretty 
successful, but the vast, vast majority of songs are by "well-known" 


"The future will be better tomorrow"  --- Vice President Dan Quayle
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