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Re: Hex pickup...(Paradis?) OT

Mark Francombe Red said:

>Curious about the Polydistortion pedal and Subbass thingy, Just noticed
>on your page that it will "do" the roland GR stuff...
>Question is, Is this pedal available still? If so where? (thinking of
>mail order as I live in Norway)

No, that was before I started the loop thing. It was no success 
because one part of the guitarist expects a hot solo sound from any 
distortion and got disapointed with Polydistortion because its smoth 
and the other part of the guitarist that might like the sound does 
not even test it because they think they hate distortion in general.
The Polysubbass is still arround.

>Did you ever make a version with BOTH these features (bass and

We thought about doing this. And using a roland type DIN13 connector 
since it turned into standard for polyphonic guitars :-(. But so far, 
Paradis is sleeping totally. Rolf was here, he still thinks about 

>I am doing EXACTLY the same thing myself, but a cock-assed botch job
>method, with two broken pickups, splitting the guitar into 3 strings and
>three strings, now I buy a GR 30, and am thinking "if I could use this

The magnetic polyphonic pickup needs to be mounted near the bridge 
and therefore has very little bass. So it might work but less.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org