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Re: Free Music

>From: Tiktok <tiktok@sprintmail.com>

>1) Everyone's for free music until it's their music they're not being
>*fairly* rewarded for.  One's definition of "fair" varies according to the
>perception of how much money is being personally lost.

I'm for free music, and I'm not always fairly rewarded for it. Does that 
make me a nobody?

Personally, I feel that if someone duplicates my CD, they saved me the 
of duplicating it for them. And if they want the cover art or anything 
that, they'll buy it. (And I don't charge pretentiously high prices for 

By offering my music for free in mp3 form, I've been heard by lots of 
around the country and even some people outside the country. I've met lots 
of interesting musicians on the basis that they've heard my stuff and like 
it, and vice versa.

So I had 2 basic choices, I could've sold my CD's for $12 each to the 6 
people that would've bought them, and made $72. Out of those 6 people, 2 
probably would never listen to them more than once, and those CD's would 

Or I could offer them for free online. People who are curious about what I 
do can download and hear all they want. If they want to hear it at times 
when they're not right next to the computer, they'll contact me for a CD. 
I'll sell more of those CD's for cheaper, and I'll have the satisfaction 
knowing that they'll actually be enjoyed.

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