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Re: Porn

You're question is so vague I doubt that anyone knows what the hell you're
talking about, which is probably why no one will answer your question, but 
will give it a try.

Stuff.  Stuff will save stuff and put it on to other stuff, but you've got 
press on the little thing.

I hope that helps.

APerson7531@aol.com wrote:

> What saves midi settings and machine patterns exclusively and can 
> and save onto disks?    Please tell me someone, and don't think anyone 
> will if you do know!  I need to know,  anyway hi yall, all yall!

Mark Sottilaro
Professional Publications, Inc
1250 Fifth Ave, Belmont CA 94002
Multimedia Production
E-mail:  msottilaro@ppi2pass.com
Phone: (650) 593-9119 ext. 29