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GIG PROMO west coast

like it says up top...

guess i'll take advantage of the recent
give and take about gig postings to announce
some of my own! so,....

anti:clockwise in the west!

anti:clockwise is the solo/ipmrov/uglient
alter-project of tono-bungay's r. dennis

west coast loop fanatics have a unique and rare
opportunity to see anti:clockwise as follows:

tues. 5/23 - seattle? olympia? stay tuned
weds. 5/24 - milk bar - portland, or 
fri.  5/26 - kimos - san francisco, ca
              with bill horist & mason jones
sat.  5/27 - live radio broadcast over kfjc

may add 1 or 2 more dates if fortune so deigns.
hope to see you there