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Re: India

At 02:16 AM 4/26/00 -0300, you wrote:
>Uday said:
>>That was really cool ! Well, I am overwhelmed and gratified. Never knew 
>>India and Indians are loved so much.
>Many of us learned from Indian philosphy / spiritual work in some way.

Count me in.  I study Indian vocals with students of Pandit Jasraj at the
Pandit Jasraj Indian classical music school in Tampa, FL.  My teachers at
the school rotate, each teaching for several months, because all of them
are touring professionals.  Currently it is Suman Ghosh's turn. I am not a
singer, but my desire to learn this music overcame my shyness over singing.
 It helps a lot that Suman-ji adjusts the "root note" of whatever raag we
are working on to a range most comfortable for everyone - he just reaches
over to his drone boxes and twists some knobs.  After all, not all of us
have a 4-octave range like Pandit-ji. :)  I figure that after sufficient
study, I can play this music on my cello or Stick.