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R: Napster (aka: The New Digital Realm)

My respects to Steve's sensibility.
He is right when he says that what we are discussing here is discussed by a
peculiar point of view.
We all are musicians and we do ( in several different ways ) have a contact
with music and the "thing" that carries it different from normal (not so
poetic) people.
I still don't know where on which side to stay, but this has no importance.
One thing surprised me to know: the difference in the cost between writable
CDRs (for computers) cost less than Audio CDs.
I have been told this difference ( in Italy it is about 1/2  U.s. $ ) is a
sort of tax that is payed to majors  or whatever because it is clear that
people uses the specific Audio Cd to duplicate music.
Is this correct ?
If yes, majors do protect their lost sells, and what about artists ?
...I know that a guy duplicated one of my cds, but nobody gave me any money
from the Cd for Audio he had used...