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Re: Napster

Hi All-

        As per Napster...

        I've been in the 'real' music world (you know, the one that tries 
make a living in music...). I does not infringe on those young/new
musicians that only want their material to be heard by anyone...

        It kills me as an artist who wishes to continue to make a living 
the distribution of my work via the net.

        If napster helps musicians (who want to make a living)...

        Excuse me (PLEASE) I just got home from learning about music and 
103 messages waiting...

        Napster is a nice program that can eliminate musicians (Musicians 
would enjoy spending the time that auto builders do on their work and
still eat).

        Napster is on a par with any program that comes along  takes your 

        I better stop now.


steve lawson wrote:
> >>>A bit off topic, but I just got Napster from my friend and it is
> spectacular!!  Basically, Napster is a program which establishes a 
> of mp3 users.  Since everyone is sharing, you can get pretty much 
> Completely free, no hassles, search by artist.  It is simply amazing.<<<
> Hey, save yourself the bother - just break into people's houses and steal
> their CDs - amounts to the same thing.
> If napster catches on, you can say goodbye to anyone making any money 
>out of
> recording music, and therefor having any money to invest in getting 
> thanks very much for hammering another nail into the coffin of the
> collective careers of all the world's musicians.
> Steve