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Re: Sampling copyrights

"Javier Miranda V." wrote:
> I thought you could "quote" up to two bars of whatever it is, that beyond
> two bars you were infringing.

Two bars of musical notes. Which is a topic entirely different from
sampling. For sampling, there is no such thing as a established fair use
limit for quotations, and there are regional differences. In Europe, you
need permission from the license owner whenever a sample is recognizable
and of artistic merit - mere drum loop samples often are not considered
the latter in court, but the more popular and recognizable a sample is,
the less likely it is legal. As a rule of thumb: No matter how short the
sample may be, if people who do not have a musical background beyond
mainstream radio recognize that it is sampled from something they know,
you would probably lose in court - and if they can even name the artist
or song title, you almost certainly will...


Sevo Stille