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a democratic request

dear kim flint,
this is fabrizio and i really enjoy the fact that this community is so 
linked together but, my e-mail box is getting bombed everyday by this 
mailing list ...
i tried several times the "unsubscribe" thing and i'm still wasting my 
everyday cleaning my e-mail box from these mails..

don't get me wrong man,it's great what you do but most of the times people 
is busy and so, am i...

still,i've found looping, a philosophy that improves our live even in a 
spiritual way and that makes us lighter and faster while we are developing 
our vocabulary in music and life...

..let me take "la creme" out of this,please unsuscribe me..

best regards


P.S. i hope this letter wont sound bitter to you because i'm not

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