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RE: Free Music

Well, there's a lot to be said about that.  Countless artists are very big
and in favor of MP3.  Jimmy Page and the Crows just released that live 
in MP3.  There are many sites where big-time musicians give away a tune.  A
couple of bands have expressed their high regard for Napster.  I keep
hearing stories of small-time bands who start getting sales because of
word-of-mouth in the Internet-- even through Napster.

The difference here that I suspect you're not seeing is that the
"establishment" that is complaining now is the one entrenched in their
exploitative ways since after World War II.  Make their living as 
Do some reading about how many musicians have lost everything because of
corrupt business practices in our beloved "record industry."  Read some of
the articles Fripp points to in his liner notes.  Track down some of the
material Bonnie Raitt talks about when she talks about her foundation.  We
all hear about the brilliant impossible stories, the Beatles, Pink Floyd,
the limos, the excess.  We seldom hear about the rest of the musicians who
end up selling their lives and their livelihoods to some fucker with a big
contract (who by the way has a hot seat in hell waiting for him/her).

Bottom line, hopefully some of the awful business practices of the record
industry will die thanks to new technologies such as Napster and MP3.  
are SmartCards, really tiny hard drives, there's going to be a lot more
bandwidth down the line...  We ain't seen nothing yet.  Those that do not
adapt will be left by the wayside.  The crooks can see their demise further
down the road.  But the musicians, the good ones, the artists, these will

In the 30s a generation of musicians were left virtually jobless when the
"talkies" took over their jobs in the theaters.  They were no longer needed
to provide the sound for a movie.  Then there were "motion pictures."  
now there's MP3, and MP6 is around the corner.  WMA (or whatever it's
called) is getting more and more implemented.

How we think of how money was made in the 60s and 70s in the music world 
be good enough; but new ways will need to be developed if we want to 
to "make a living" at making music in the new millennium-- which by the way
begins next January (pass the word).


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  | From: Bizurko@aol.com [mailto:Bizurko@aol.com]
  | Sent: Thursday 27 April 2000 8:07 AM
  | To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: Re: Free Music
  | Well said, Tiktok.  I'd bet the people in this discussion who
  | are trumpeting
  | Napster, et al, are people who don't make their living as a
  | musician, no
  | disrespect intended.  That is to say that your perspective
  | always changes
  | once you actually start to scale the mountain.

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