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RE: Female Loopers?

At 10:03 PM 4/27/00 -0400, pepetr@crnet.net wrote:
>>Just curious: over years of being on the LD list, I keep noticing that a
>>total majority of people involved in looping are males, guessing 
>>to names.  I wonder if looping is the "guy thing"...?
>No, I don't think so.  But subscribing to mailing lists is.

Insofar as

        a) It is about creating music, unfortunately a predominantly guy 
        b) It involves using and maintaining boxes of electrical equipment 
lots of wires and blinking lights, definitely not a girl thing.

I would say that looping is about as guy thing as you can get and still be

Somebody please point out where I'm wrong, and in the direction of the
island where all the looping women are.