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Re: EDP Tutorial Video

At 10:36 PM -0700 4/27/00, Jordan Pease wrote:
>I'm kinda surprised that there hasn't been more discussion about this
>idea. I agree that waiting for Gibson to produce a video may be a bit...
>I'm really curious what Kim has to say about this idea.

I'm not sure why my opinion is so important, or why it's more important
than what Matthias already said about it. But you asked, so here goes:

Instructional video, great idea. We've wanted to do one for many years. But
nobody has the time or the money. I don't know exactly how much it costs to
produce something like that, but if somebody could please send me $25,000,
I'll see to it that it gets done. :-)

In addition to videos, I think it would be great if people wrote
instructional books, taught classes at the community center, held seminars,
gave private lessons, etc. There should be a loop teacher in the back room
of every music store in the land, in the little room where the guitar
teacher used to be.

>If LD can produce compilation CDs- Why not a tutorial video ?  I would
>think there would be a real interest in buying it. I doubt that anyone
>on this list knows all there is to know about this 'art-form' called
>looping. What if people just sent-in their own submissions and someone
>edited and compiled them ? That would be a start  !
>Come-on you guys: this list is supposed to be about stuff like THIS !
>Let's make it happen !

go to it. every other instrument has a small cottage industry of
educational materials surrounding it. Why not this one?


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