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RE: OT: Audio CD-R vs. Data CD-R

thats amazing!

I burnt many CDRs here for audio here and there always was a problem 
of getting a good enough quality, otherwhise SOME CDRs would not play 
in SOME CD players (beeing that in my simple SONY Diskman, they all 
So yes, there are more apropriate technologies for Audio, but I never 
felt necessity to buy Audio labeled CDRs.

Now you bring up two things I did not know about:

- Traig and others say there is a flag that marks the Audio CD.
So my Yamaha burner (connected to the Mac) ignores those?
Or: What is a CD-AUDIO only recorder?

- Bret saiz:
>CD recorders burn test spots on disks in order to
>optimize the laser intensity appropriately for that
>particular disk.  Using this exchange process, the
>test spots will be burned on the consumer disc, NOT
>the cheap disk, so that the laser settings will not be
optimized for the cheap disk.

What do you mean by cheap disk?
Does this mean that in my recorder this optimizing process never happened?
If so, I doubt its necessary.

Can you give us some sources for those theories? I really want to 
learn all about it...

Thank you

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org