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RE: EDP beat clock question

>If, when a sync slave, the EDP loses a beat (i.e. doesn't receive one),
>what happens?  Does it just assume the relationship's over and goes on
>its merry way?

No. It sync up if it hears a clock again. I'm not sure how close the clock
has to be, or how fast - or if changing the tempo does anything. Someone
elseasked this question before and asked for me to clrify but I couldn't
find their message later.

>Also:  how about when the master has been turned off for a while - is
>there any way to get the EDP to sync back up to it when it starts
>delivering beats again (with the currently playing loops - i.e. without
>clearing them and starting over)?

I can press play on my SP-808, and have the EDP sync, then stop the 808,
rewind, press play, and have it sync again. I do this all the time when my
songs are too short.