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Re: Female Loopers?

While you make some interesting points (and a shameless plug :),
I disagree with your basic premise that looping is male-oriented,
or that, by nature, women aren't interested in loop-oriented

Of my many musical mentors, it was a woman who introduced me
to early Eno and the academic side of loop/ambient/drone music,
and another woman who introduced me to Eno's ambient works, Jon
Hassell, Japan and similar artists. In Middle School, it was
a woman teacher who introduced me to tape-looping and tape-manipulation
techniques via musique concrete AND synthesizers.
Obviously, my personal experience could be construed as an
exception, but I doubt it.

Pauline Oliveros was also a very influencial, and say what
you will about Yoko Ono, but through her, the Beatles
produced "Revolution Number 9".

No offense, but AKASH sounds like a throwback to the spectacles
staged by The Tubes and Fluxus in the 1960's and 1970's. Be-ins,
Happenings and such. But since I haven't seen/heard it, I'm probably

However, it does sound a bit desperate to rely on Spectacle (see
Dubord) to broaden in order to expand one's audience. On the other
hand, for comparison's sake, something like The Blue Man Group,
or Negativeland, while somewhat spectacular, works great.
The troupe enjoys BOTH critical acclaim and a wide audience. Not
that either of these criteria is terribly important. It's just one
way of measuring progress, however one defines it.

I also question the value of proportional representation. Is
it a value in and of itself, just *for the sake of it*? People
like what they like because they like it. [Now there's a nice
tautology :) ]

It's a mistake I think to extrapolate the representation of
women in the looping community from their Internet habits.
Fact: the demographics of the Internet/Web are primarily male.
It's that simple. It does not follow that looping is primarily
the purview of males.

> lillith fair compared to robert fripp soundscapes...
More like comparing Apples and machine-guns.

>>> but I think loop musicians unintentionally end up making a lot of loop
music that is exclusive to the point that the final product is uninviting
and narrow. <<<

That's an aesthetic problem for the performer to work out.

>>> Also, loop performances are usually executed in contexts/venues that 
not where women tend to go and or be interested in having their musical
> Loop shows are usually held in venues that are off the typical beaten
musical path where women I mean the women who will actually go to shows 

Absurd. You are saying women don't read, don't drink coffee, don't
hang out, or discuss and BS like the boys do. My wife would take
acception to this I think. Do you really KNOW many women?

>>> Add to that the fact that music in general does not matter that much
anymore as it did b4 and most music is taken for granted.

This is true, of course. The means for music creation and the
pervasiveness of music in our lives has increasingly devalued
it. This was inevitable though. The trajectory of music creation
from "patronage by kings", to "patronage by millions", logically
ends with the disappearance of the Star system altogether. There
will be celebrities for sure, but not the same star-making
machinery that has dominated as in the past. It's the
democratization of music.

Now who other than those who have been introduced to loop music ( by a
guide ),  who familiar with the artists who loop & the different styles and
variations that are in between loops would appeal to someone, a woman that
is unfamiliar with loop oriented material..there are not that many folks
IMHO in terms of loop musicians who are good good guides to propel the 
forward someplace beyond where it seems to always stand.

Insert 'Dance' or 'Techno' wherever 'loop' is mentioned above . ;)

>>> Not saying i am any better than others but i'm saying that the same
faces always tend to play to the same faces in loop performances ( not a 
thing either )<<<

Can be said of In-Sync and Metalica concerts. So what's the point?

>>>...just a recipee for the status quo to always remain in the loop
heiarchy. <<<

What does this mean??? Who are the Status Quo?

Curmugeonly yours, :)

- Larry T