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Gear sale

Before I go to Harmony Central, I'd like to run this list past my loop
friends.  Going the software route, can use the bucks.

Home studio items for sale, all mint, original boxes and manuals, pedals
never even stepped on, prices plus COD Fed Ex:

Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO, 8 mo. old.  The best of its kind.  Cost $370.  Price
$290 (plus $22 ship)
Boss VF-1 multiprocessor, 5 mo. old.  Half rack unit, incredible.  Cost
$400.  Price $320 (plus $17 ship)
Waldorf 4 Pole filter unit, 3 mo. old.  What am I, nuts?  Filter madness.
Cost $450.  Price $380 (plus $17 ship)
Lexicon Reflex, 18 mo. old.  Does stuff the new MPX's don't, nice unit.
Cost $280 at blowout.  Price $175 (plus $15 ship)
Akai Headrush delay/looper, 6 mo. old.  Fripperpedal.  Cost $180.  Price
$120 (plus $12 ship)
(Two) Zoom 2100 floor effects units, 6 mo. old.  Many effects plus great
looping capabilities.  Cost $150-$100 (blowout), now discontinued.  Price
$85 each (plus $15 ship)
Boss PS-3 pitch shifter/delay pedal, 1 yr old.  Cost $150.  Price $70 (plus
$12 ship)
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal, 1 yr. old.  Cost $95.  Price $50 (plus $12 

Thanks all.

David Myers