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Re: Repeater vs. Echoplex

At 12:28 PM -0700 8/4/00, Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
>Hi all,
>I hope I'm not posting too much! :-) (Let's just attribute that to
>excitement and enthusiasm, ok?)
>I've seen the comments on the Repeater and the drool spilling off of your
>respective chins. But, being a newbie at all this, and figuring that
>Echoplex is currently king of the mountain, as it were, I'm just wondering
>how Repeater compares to the Echoplex.
>Does anyone have any comments, or perhaps a feature-by-feature comparison 
>the two devices?

since the repeater is not out yet, and no manual or specs are really
available, such a comparison is not really possible.


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