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Re: Viva Electrix!

>Can I just say, WOW.  I've been saving my pennies (more like skeptically
>watching this list) for the Echoplex.  However, seeing the dedication,
>and attention that Electrix is paying to Looper's Delight, I have to say
>that it seems obvious which company is "getting it."  Kudos to you
>Damon!  I'll be first in line to buy a product from a company that's got
>it's finger on the pulse of the people that really use gear on a daily

Electrix Rocks!  Damon has been very helpful to me over the last few weeks
or so with my current Electrix gear (filter queen and eq killer).  Similar
to Mark's situation, i have been going back and forth on the whole
'Echoplex' purchase...However, seeing the coming of the Repeater, i will be
plunking down the cash if this beast does what it promises, and is
real-time friendly.

I don't think, however, that we (Looper's Delight folks) are the
necessarily the "pulse" that Electrix is "keeping a finger on", per se.  I
think we're a VERY FORTUNATE side effect...

Electrix gear is, IMO, made for DJ/Remix Culture.  Their styling,
input/output specs, ad campaigns, website and such are all geared to hook
up your turntables, twist those future/retro lookin' knobs and get those
booties movin'!

The VERY FORTUNATE part comes in from the fact that real-time
instrument-based loopers seem to have similar performance-oriented issues.
We need tools that react in very simple, predictable ways, are rock-solid,
and have well-designed, intuitive interfaces.  So you don't look stupid up
there...whether you're spinning vinyl to the crowd shaking their asses, or
doing your guitar loopy thing to the audience shaking their heads! :)

However, Electrix seems to be smart enough to realize that there is a
market with us...That we will buy their gear and we will also spread the

case in point...the two other guitarists i am playing with are looking at
my Filter Queen (so nice with the expression pedal and footswitch) with
envious eyes...and i can't say enough about it!  potential additional
sales?  you bet...

more than 2 cents...