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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

I join you in the quest for a good foot controller my friend! The PMC 10 
simply all you need but it has been my experience that they are not road
worthy, some of them have software bugs like my old one and they donīt make
them anymore.I have the Ground Control which you probably donīt want if you
want CCīs. Try the roland FC 200, Roctron all Accesss, Yamaha FC 10 or the
Phill Rees which i havenīt tried visit their homepages and ask a lot of
Good luck
> Also, does anyone recommend a good MIDI pedal that takes, or comes with,
> an expression pedal? I need it to do patch change and pedal-controlled
> CCs, and I need it to work with the Repeater I'm definately buying in
> November (ahem, Damon).
> -><-