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Re: Viva Electrix!


Sorry Kim, I know and appreciate all you've done for looper kind, I'm
just not all that impressed with Gibson and their knack for taking
companies and products and killing them.  (i.e. Opcode)  I jammed with
Jon El-Bizri a few days after the arrival of his new Echoplex.  The unit
didn't operate at all until he bought new memory for it.  Gibson
shipping a unit with bad memory is pretty bad in my opinion.  How did
something like that get through QC?  I also seem to remember a lot of
similar horror stories about Echoplex's being DOA, or soon after.

Also, I know a lot of DJs that are interested in playing with me and the
synch to beat feature of the Repeater seems like a great idea.  If it's
implemented well... now that's to be seen I guess.  The Boomerang was
never an option for me due to it's lack of Audio or Midi synch.

Fickle?  Maybe.  I do know that I've bought gear from "Big" companies
before and found them to be inferior to their smaller "more eager to
bring down Golith" competition.  I'd love to find out that the Echoplex
is the unit that will win out, but I will be keeping my eyes wide open
on this one.

Mark Sottilaro