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FS: MOOG, EH Analog goodies...



My guitarist is declaring bankruptcy and asked me to move some stuff for
him. See what happens when you collect Vintage guitars instead of synths

I'm offering everything here first for a *quick* sale so please serious
inquiries only and such. Prepay, I got references, etc etc etc. I'm sure
these will go on Eb*y but I'd prefer to deal with humans even if it's
not as much $$ :)

1. Electro Harmonix  Clap Trap -  Analog Click/high hat triggerable
pedal. Has pad so you can hit it with a stick or a 1/4" in to trigger it
via a drum machine, etc. Adjustable Noise source, decay, mix, clap
click, multiple outs including reverse, etc. It's in the same steel
floor unit shape as the other classic EH pedal (what were they
thinking?). I have pics and samples if you'd like.

*Excellent* condition Almost NOS. Very shiny, hardly used, back is
flawless, one small scratch preventing it from being mint etc etc.
Original Box, manual, and original EH "sound notes" flyer with pics and
writeups on Adrian Belew, the EH16 delay pedal, etc. I hate to say it
but this is really a collector's piece. I have no idea what these are
worth but this is in top top shape and comes with all the goodies that
drive the price up on Vintage Crap. I've never seen a cleaner vintage
pedal. I'm asking $150 plus shipping which it's got to be worth  in this
day and age but will listen to sincere offers.

2. Moog (Really, an original Moog) CV pedal from 70's. Huuuge ass big CV
pedal with original box (oooo!). Again 9/10 condition and barely used.
This is a sweepable CV pedal with two 1/4" outs. Larger than a shoe and
black (looks like a wah wah) with MOOG logo. Box is in my studio but it
has the Moog logo and model # on it. Again I have no idea what these go
for in kkkollectors circles but this is far better shape and vintage
than the other crap I see being pushed. Asking $150, again OBO.  I can
find out the model # if anyone is interested as well as Pics.

3.  Realistic/ Moog MG1 - (What sale would be complete with one?). Used
but in good shape. I'm told the poly sliders acts up once in a while
(the sound stays on unless you move it once or twice).Worked 100% the
dozen or so times I used it but it ain't mine so I can't say for sure.
Photocopy of manual.  Asking $250 to move (as idiotic as it sounds last
one I sold went for $350 so I think that's fair).

Sale must be confirmed via phone  so send your phone # and I'll call you
on my dime to speed things up. Buyer pays shipping. again prices are
fair (It think) but I'll listen to offers and rationales for why I may
be out of my mind.