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Re: Am I a fool ?

--- Jordan Pease <jordanpease@webtv.net> wrote:
> Dear fellow lopers,
> My voice is a little shaky as I timidly ask:
> Am I a fool to sell my brand new Echoplexes now with the expectation
> that the Electrix Repeater is going to be a superior product ?

you are the wise one, leading the pack.  I forsee the Echoplexes
becoming near worthless as soon as the repeater hits the market.  My
crystal ball says that if you can get $500 for the pair of EDPs you are
doing great.  I care about you so I am willing to send $600 for the
pair of EDPs.  

We all know a new bird in the bush is worth 2 in the hand.

Do you want paypal or money order?  
bret ;-)

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