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Re: Am I a fool ?

rich (11:16 AM 09.11.2000) wrote:

 >MoFx - great interface, but it's still a tremelo, flanger, distortion and
 >delay with eq band-pass interface.
 >Warp Factory - digitally controlled vococoder
 >Filter Factory - Analogue filter
 >Filter Queen - scaled down analogue filter
 >EQKiller - aggressive eq band killer
 >Awesome products...no doubt (i sat at a Mars music this weekend with the
 >Korg analog modeling synth hooked up to a MoFx and a Warp factory...i
 >played for almost an hour...tons of fun) but all of these things have been
 >done before...Electrix has just packaged it better than the average bear,

The root functionality of these products (delays, filters, etc) have been 
done before, but look a little deeper into the products for special 
touches. e.g., the EQ Killer can actually cut to infinity; the distortion 
on the MoFx can be switched to show up in front of the other 3 effects; 
Warp Factory is performing some great harmonic magic that I haven't heard 
in any other vocoder...

It's kinda' like looking at all the phaser products that have come and 
through the years. Phasing is a concept that's been done, done and done 
a long time; but there are solid stand-out products along the way that 
the concept just a bit off the edge, like the Mutron BiPhase or the 
original Moog 12 stage (and the MF-103 from Big Briar!).

Electrix has a good handle on what makes something music *and* useful in a 
production environment. I have a ton of delay lines, but I gotta say that 
I've been having the most fun with the MoFx. The combination of neat 
touches  and the presentation packaging makes the box just a joy to use.

 >The Repeater, however...hmmm, totally new beast altogether.  Keeping my
 >fingers crossed.

Actually.. It's not all that different for them. I know what you're 
but you have to remember who Electrix is.

Electrix is a division of IVL:


IVL has been doing _premier_ work in pitch shifting, time slicing and 
DSP laden functionality for a LONG time. They license their DSP code to a 
number of _major_ manufacturers.

Electrix knows a LOT about DSP in general, and pitch/time mangling in 
specific. They're well poised to make a killer looping box. :)

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