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Re: Echoplex Multiply Function and Building an Elegant Blues

Gary asked a difficult question and insist on it ;-):

>Now to the part I don't fully understand.  Let's alter the chord
>progression.  We start with the same figure for the first phrase, the "I"
>chord, which is one bar in length.  I allow it to play one additional time
>(now playing bar 2).  I hit multiply, and the "song" begins.  After the
>second cycle begins and bar 2 of the "song" is playing, I hit insert and
>when bar 3 begins, I am in insert mode and I play the "IV" chord for two
>bars.  Around bar 4 or so I hit multiply again and when bar 5 arrives, I 
>treated to two bars of "I", as created by the original multiply.  During 
>6, I hit insert and play the "V" chord for two bars (bars 7 and 8).  
>bar 8 I hit multiply.  When bar 9 arrives, I expect two bars of the "I"
>chord.  Instead I am jarred by one bar of "I" and one bar of "IV".  What
>gives?  Or to put it more clearly--with which cycle does the multiply 
>BTW the second progression corresponds to the harmonic progression for 
>That Cabbage Down" or it would if I could get that far  :=(

I find it hard to imagine how that sounds or which part is multiplied when.
I wanted to figure it out on paper or playing, but I still did not 
and you need some answer.
I must say found it amazing to hear what you brought tomind, I never did 
Since nobody answers on the list, you may be the first one to go that 
far,,, you feel the lonelyness of the pioneer, the track where noone 
can tell you whether it makes sense to walk further on it and when 
you listen to your dimm inner voices there are several... well its 
probably not that dramatic :-)

Maybe it helps if I give the simple rule: It allways starts 
multiplying from where you are. The stuff that it would have been 
playing without pressing multiply is what is going to be first in the 
multiplied (or inserted) part and if you increase the total lenght 
(more cycles after multiply than before, natural but not necessary), 
it simply comes back again to the spot where you started multiply (or 
the next cycle start, as you work with Quantize, right?) and repeats 
the same whole loop you had before starting Multiply. - I am not 
shure whether this is very clear... there are drawings in the 

So you would like to multiply only the "I" chord... how could the 
machine where that is...
You could use NextMultiply for this and close FeedBack during the 
phase you play the new chord.
Maybe pressing Insert during NextMultiply does a NextInsert and when 
pressing Multiply again it continues to copy sound from the previous 
loop? I never did that either, if it makes sense, I could care for 

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org