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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #367

Well, speaking of peavey PC1600x's and soldering guns, here's an
interesting looking mod to add 16 external controllers:


Just having gotten my new PC1600x, and not being handy with a soldering
iron, I think I'm going to hold off of this one, but I sure does make me
drool :)


> > John Tidwell wrote... In the Repeater manual, on the page showing
> midi cc
> assignments, there is a function called UNFOLD LOOP. Can anyone
> explain what this
> is?
> This intrigues me as well...???
> > Is anyone else besides me trying to figure out how to connect 8 or
> more exp.
> pedals to this thing?
> The Paia MIDI Brain kit looks pretty promising. They have 2
> configurations: One has
> 8 ExPed inputs... the other has 8 finger pads allowing the finger
> drummer to trigger
> whatever 8 items they please... I've thought about putting the finger
> pads/triggers
> into a guitar body so I could tap beats whenever I got the urge... Now
> if you add a
> Kurzweill Even Station you're getting into some serious hairbrained
> midi mayhem
> here...
> The more I think of this the more awesome it seems! One for the floor
> so you get 8
> expeds and another in the geetar for finger drumming! WOW! Get your
> soldering irons
> out gang...
> > Are you guys at Electrix going to be generous with the exp pedal
> inputs on your
> midi foot controller? I'm sure a lot of folks will want to use pedals
> for the track
> volumes & panning.
> Probably doubtful, but we can hope eh? The Roland FC-200 has 8
> expression pedal
> inputs, but I believe they are hard coded with specific cc values...
> meaning that
> for something like the Waldorf 4-pole your stuck cause that baby's
> hard coded as
> well.
> There always the Peavey PC 1600x Midi controller with 16 faders and 16
> buttons all
> assignable to various midi functions. It also has inputs for exped and
> footswitch
> control, but not in the quantities we're talking...(4 and up) The good
> thing is that
> you can assign the pedal or footswitch to control MULTIPLE midi events
> with
> different scaling etc. all in all, a very powerful tabletop tool.
> http://www.peavey.com/mi/pc_1600x.html
> I'm finding that if I'm gonna use midi tweakers on the floor OR table,
> I usually
> want to scale them to fine tune things. If the controller is not
> scalable, you lose
> fair amount of control. Many modules allow you to do the scaling in
> their box, but
> it's nice (and I believe more convenient) to be able to do it from the
> controller as
> well.
> Best,
> -Miko