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Kim tells newbie what he witheld from oldbies

--- Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:> 
> As Bret noted, they are pretty much the same. However, there are a
> few minor new hardware improvements that Bret doesn't know about.

Kim, how dare you keep secrets from me.  Where did I go wrong with you?

> One change added a limiter circuit to the input audio path to the
> loop, so it is not possible to clip the loop input anymore like on
the older
> units.

Older units? that's what the kids call me and my wife.  

I guess that makes my oberheims vintage.  Can't get that grating
digital distortion on them new fangled Gibson echoplexes, no siree bob,
buy my vintage Obies.

> Another change fixed what is usually called "Andre's Noise" in honor
> of the
> fact that Andre first noticed it. That was a slight grainy sound you
> could
> sometimes hear if you listened very closely when a loop was in mute.
> (the
> feedback LED control signal crosstalked into the audio...)  That was
> fixed
> with a couple of caps. 
What caps, where?  Don't tease us!  So Andre's Noise is the sound of
Mute?  Can we all make Andre's noise? 

> Another fix was for the brothersync circuit, making it work a lot
> better
> when multiple units are connected together but not all of them are
> turned
> on. It used to be that turning a unit off in the Brother chain would
> screw
> up the others, but some circuitry was added to prevent that. (so long
> as
> one of the new units is the one that gets turned off....)

Details, we need details, my brother chain is failing!

> None of these really make much difference for regular use of the
> Echoplex.

We prefer iregulare use, so we need to know.

> Just a few leftover hardware issues that we finally had a chance to
> fix.

Better leftovers than nothing to eat.

> The actual operation of it is the same whether it is an old one or a
> new one.
> kim

There you go with that age thing again, Now I'm offended.

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