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RE: looping tips and tricks 2001

If you want to get really swirly, put a phaser in the feedback loop.
Bring delay returns up to their own channel(s) on the desk and use the aux
sends to control feedback, then its use the desk's eq to provide filtering
as you describe. Hours of endless fun playing the desk, don't even need a
signal source...

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From: whiteoakstudios [mailto:whiteoakstudios@supanet.com]
Sent: 05 January 2001 07:51
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: looping tips and tricks 2001

Another suggestion.
The way I work is I 'trap' a sound for as long as I want it to run by 
the feedback path set at unity. This is under the control of a footpedal.
When I want to let the loop die away I ease back on the pedal according to
how slowly I want the loop to die away, (I use this method to quieten the
loop if necessary too). What I've found is that introducing a gentle low
pass filter into this loop makes the dying loop sound more natural and
de-focusses it in terms of the listener's attention. An interesting effect
is to place a high pass filter in the feedback path so the sound kind of
fizzles out - good for spacey stuff : )


> suggestion
> put a 1/4 sec fade on the start of your sample and a 1/4 fade out at the
> end - no more
> nasty clicks when u loop!
> concept7@earthspike.com
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> From: dan mcmullen <dog@well.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2001 11:09 PM
> Subject: looping tips and tricks 2001
> > anyone care to share their latest looping technique discoveries?  i'm
> > imagining quick little tips or tricks that make your looping easier or
> more
> > fun.  even "obvious" things that may have been mentioned before would 
> > good.  to get things rolling:
> >
> > - when overdubbing, i recently put a volume pedal of some sort in front
> > the looper to avoid the sharp little blips in background noise from
> turning
> > overdubbing on & off by fading in before & after the overdub.  this is
> > particularly useful when looping acoustic instruments using a 
> > while hearing the current loop on monitors.  (this probably falls into
> > obvious category, but when i finally set this up, it made overdubbing
> > more "relaxed".)  [general interest]
> >
> > - i'm using the Peavy PC1600 fader box to control feedback on an EDP
> > MIDI.  by making one fader the "master" of the feedback footpedal, i 
> > set the minimum feedback level that the footpedal can generate by
> > the master fader.  this lets me use the entire range of the footpedal's
> > travel to smoothly make a transition from full feedback to the exact
> amount
> > i'm aiming for.  much easier than trying to judge what fraction of the
> > footpedal's travel will get me the right amount of feedback.  
> > pc1600]
> >
> > i may think of more later, but for now, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-...
> > dan
> > ___
> > dan mcmullen, ca, usa                      don't worry - pay attention
> > mailto:dog@well.com                                       707-485-0220
> > pgp fingerprint  =  1C70 8D81 6B94 93A9 F2D8  9609 2122 BF70 8619 EDAF
> >
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