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Re: Jamman + Footswitch


Keep your eyes open...The Jamman's appear on ebay occassionally, and 
you might try some older mom and pop music stores/pawn shops...Some 
of them still have units that are collecting dust and no one figured 
out what they were.

The going price for an upgraded unit (32 sec) seems to float between 
$300 and $700 US here in the States.

Roland makes some footswitches (FSU switches, i think?) that will 
work in conjunction with some splitter cables.  For example, you 
would use two FSU switches with a trs Y splitter cable into the 
Jammie.  Then you would use two more with the same setup for the 
'function' jack.  I haven't tried this for several years, so i'm a 
little fuzzy on the specifics...A Midi foot controller is definitely 
the way to go if you want to take advantage of the Jammie's more 
advanced functions.  The unit seems to be more intuitive and flexible 
with such a setup.

I would sell you mine, but i'm hanging on to it for sentimental 
reasons (and the fact that it just plain works well), and until i can 
see the Electrix Repeater and get my greasy little fingers on the 
buttons and try it out.  If it does half of what it says it will do, 
my other Jammie may end up on ebay again.  I sold my last one for 
$710 on ebay.  Ouch.  Someone has more expendable income than i do, 
for sure...

welcome to the list!


>Hi Folks!
>I'm new to the list, and are planning to buy a Jamman (32 seconds 
>Does anyone out there has one for sale?
>At what price they normally go?
>Does anyone has just the footswitch for sale or are there alternative
>footswitches that work?
>Thanks for your advice! Greetings from Holland,
>Frank Bilsen