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Re: repeater question

Matthias Grob (08:29 AM 02.08.2001) wrote:

 >>Simeon Harris (03:26 AM 02.06.2001) wrote:
 >>>Concerning recording ambient textures - I'd like to know whether you can
 >>>drop immediately into overdub when creating a new loop and setting the
 >>>boundary, so that any delay or reverb tails will be captured at the
 >>>beginning of the loop as it cycles round again.
 >>If you're heading for overdub mode, then that means that the loop
 >>length has already been set (you must be overdubbing over something).
 >>So, for Repeater, the answer is "yes, you can drop into overdub mode
 >>with just a single button press".
 >are you sure you got the question right, Mark?
 >Isnt it the Record button that is used for Overdubbing? So how can you
 >end recording and start Overdubbing at the same time?
 >Wich combination of buttons is that?

We may be reading Simeon's question different.

I wasn't seeing him ask about stopping record and starting overdub in one 
button press. I read him as asking if you can hit one button and start 
overdub on top of a loop that is already running. If that's what he means, 
then it's a press of the record button that will make it happen if the 
is in OVERDUB (versus REPLACE) mode.

But, you _can_ run into overdub mode on the fly as you're thinking. Given 
that you're starting with all tracks empty, then set Repeater for OVERDUB 
mode and record your loop. When you hit the RECORD button, you will set 
end point of the loop as well as leave the unit in RECORD mode. Since 
you're actually in OVERDUB, you're all set.

As well, I think that if you're in REPLACE mode when recording the 
loop, then hitting the RECORD button will set the end point _and_ switch 
OVERDUB mode. If you wanted to stay in REPLACE mode, then you would hit 
PLAY to set the end point.