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Re: Repeater and EDP

At 7:44 AM -0800 2/8/01, Mark Pulver wrote:
>Matthias Grob (08:34 AM 02.08.2001) wrote:
> >>I think the EDP's go for about $750 without the footpedal, which is 
> >>$100 or so.
> >
> >right, as I understand, you need a MIDI pedal board to operate the
> >Repeater which brings the prices to the same level again.
>? Repeater will run from a 3 button box (e.g. FS-300) as well, and I think
>that Electrix is planing to ship one with the unit.
>Repeater will listen to MIDI as well for all functions, but the basic
>functions of Tap, Play/Stop, Record are covered with the 3 button box.

what would be the point of getting a Repeater and only using those three
functions? You could save yourself a lot of money and get a headrush or
DL-4 or boomerang and do much more than that. Seems to me a good midi
controller is essential for repeater, and those cost at least $250.


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