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RE: Z. Vex´s Stompbox looper...

Title: RE: Z. Vex´s Stompbox looper...


i talked with mister z vex at the namm show about the 20-sec looper. i think that it is going to be very, very limited (even for a guy like me).

this is what i understood after our conversation:

it doesn't do any sort of tap tempo. in that way it's like a pds-8000 or eh-16.

at that point it did not have the capability to do any sort of pitch/time change that you can do with the pds-8000/eh-16, etc. when i mentioned that this would be a very desirable feature, he talked about some sort of cv pedal that one could plug in to bend the time - - which would be pretty darn cool.

from what i could tell, there will be no reverse capability.

my impression was that he had not done a whole lot of research into the looping world. as he's sort of a mad scientist, it may be a sort of mount everest thing for him . . .

as this was about a month ago, i have no idea how current this info is. i'm pretty interested in the whole idea, but wonder how useful it'll be for most of the people on this list.

so . . . dated info? dunno. we'll see . . .