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RE: stig's gig

Title: RE: stig's gig

dude! you shoulda said hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just shows that i should check out pictures of people on their web sites!

At the risk of embarassing Steuart, I also want to chime in on the gig
at the Knit last night -- what a great, great show. 

** okay - - yeah it's embarrassing - - i'm usually trying to alienate people - - just kidding!

Scot mentioned to
me that this was the first gig this particular group had played

** yeah. of course we've all played together for a while so there is the communication thing happening. also, scot's tunes seem to be constructed with a lot of interplay in mind. five good players (if i can put myself in there) and good tunes, well there ya go . . .

It was also great to see the crowd there -- not only was it standing
room only, but it was extremely diverse: young and old, male and female,
hardened new music vets and wide-eyed new inductees alike.  All very
much into it.

** we were shocked - - we were asking ourselves where the hell all these people came from. very nice and the audience was very receptive and warm.

it was really gratifying to meet other folks from the list there as well. very nice evening all around - - though i'm paying a little today at the job (yawn!).

to all who went thanks and thanks for the nice comments.

both nels and i are using the eh-16 second (though he really kills with it).