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Unwieldy JamMan AABA

I struggled with making the Jamman do what I wanted for a few years . .
.then I sold it on Ebay and bought an echoplex.  Now it's much easier to
create structures the way I want.  Of course, when I saw Steve Lawson at 
Bass Exchange, he didn't have any problems creating his music magic with
just a Jamman and a DL-4--granted, he's not playing pop songs, but he does
play what I would consider to be "songs" (well, OK, at least most of the
time), in that there are melodies and chord changes--still, I think he 
within the limitations of the unit, rather than trying to make it do what 
The Jammer gave me headaches trying to create "My Cherie Amour" or 
so I was incredibly grateful to find that the Echoplex was so flexible in
terms of multiplying, inserting, etc.  Still, looping seems to have a built
in limitation in that you can only create and repeat.  And with sonically
augmented performances being so ubiquitous, I gotta think that having an A
section up yer sleeve on the Repeater Smart Media card is gonna be tough to
Unless maybe the EDP upgrade is going to include storage capabilities?
I can dream, can't I . . .
Hey, we're talking gear again!