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nyc area: ken's last ever radio extravaganza: regurgitation sat 3/24 3pm

ken's last ever radio extravaganza
@ regurgitation show jersey city Sat. 3/24 3pm 'til later, FREE
The Arts Center on First, 111 1st St., Jersey City (directions at bottom)
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza 3pm long set, 8:30pm short set, in AREA 
#2 (The Gallery)

Weaving hours of soundscapes amidst gallery contemplation, varying from 
spooky to terrifying to puzzling to silent.

Roundabout torn apart circular trance-inducing transformative 
uncomfortable perspective-shifting reminiscent suspenseful in pain 
releasing freeform entropy stark ridiculous sticky pleasant clearing open 
stretched space rude participatory feedback organic new free addictive 
impersonal connected forum excessive satisfying uncertain ken's last ever 
radio extravaganza.

Always improvised. Nobody in the world knows what will happen, until 
perhaps afterwards.

Last weekend's KLERExtravaganza in Williamsburg covered much space, 
looping noises, static, ambient sounds, feedback, cheery pop 80's music 
butchered in real-time, instrumental Radiohead, corporate hold music, 
found audio scraps, pitch shifting, and, most importantly, Air Supply 
embedding its way into now-irreversibly-programmed minds forever.  A very 
successful show, they tell me.  (Soon to be available on CD.)

Even if no inspiration materializes, or I fail to obtain any speakers or 
amplifier (got one? Share, please!), or the power fails, or I go deaf and 
can't hear what I'm doing, or you show up too late for my comfortably 
lengthy afternoon set, or you somehow can't find me, or I'm run over and 
shot and catch a cold on the way to the show, it's STILL a show worth 
going to:

There will be over 40 artists of all sorts, showing films, sculpting, body 
painting, dancing, singing, speaking, dressing, hypnotizing, and on and 
on, in a great big old warehouse in the middle of a desolate district of 
abandoned factories and high-tech corporate headquarters.  And eventually 
everything will degenerate into dancing and debauchery all the way 'til 
dawn.  All for a $1 PATH ride 5 minutes over the river.

The event is COMPLETELY FREE, brought to you by a loose collective of 
artists joined by their desire to provide art and culture without economic 

So, DEFINITELY GO.  This SATURDAY, get there nice and early for my set at 
3, take in all the art and the space and the people and the mellowness, 
have a bite to eat, relax.  Then stick around for the chaos that will 
ensue when the DJ's take over and the lights go down.  Then, please, go 

Regurgitation Show, at The Arts Center on First, 111 1st St., Jersey City.
Sat. 3/24 3pm - dawn (as well as the pre-show Fri. 3/23 7:30pm - 3am)
Lots of event info at http://www.regurgitationshow.com/Home2.html

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:
8 years of experimentation, ideas, streaming audio, and nothing, at

Spread the word.  See you there.

Directions to Regurgitation Show:
Path train:
- Journal Square-bound from 6th Ave. train, or
- Newark-bound from World Trade Center train
Get off at Grove St. stop
Walk north on Grove St. (i.e. turn right onto Grove St.) until 
intersection of 1st St. & Grove.
Make right and walk on 1st St. until intersection of 1st & Warren St.
Make right on Warren.  Go half a block, cross street.  Entrance is marked 
111.  Follow signs.
It's a short walk

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
Sat 3/24: 3-7pm, 8:30-9:15pm

or the corporation?