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Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

Not only is arrogance now hip, but the Againinator has just added
a new hip replacement facility. You can select your hip program using
new built-in chaotic pad slider. Available programs range from 
arrogance, through uber-cool, to the ultra-postmodern deconstruction
critique generator. What that last setting does is to mix in a running
critique of how derivative your loops are and where you got all your
samples. On the special
surround-sound-enhanced againinators, it places the critique in the
at about the fourth row, left aisle of the audience. The Againinator
uses it's hall-simulating reverb unit to detrmine the size of the hall
figure out where to place the critique. Coming in the next version is
option to choose the voice option. You will optionally have the option
of choosing a gravelly roland barthes, a high pitched beaudrillard, or
woody-allen in reverse. For now you only get the macOS simulation of 
stephen hawking. Get the upgrade!


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> I've heard that arrogance is now hip, I had thought about becoming a
> nice guy but now I think I'll hold on to my attitude
> T