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Re: looped jaw harp and kazoo?

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> Denis taaffe wrote to Simran Gleason:
> "yes, but it can't be cool if you don't have a jaw harp and kazzoo 
> to
> back you up ?! haha,seriously, good luck with gig, whish I could be 
>there to
> hear some looping..."
> Funny you should mention this, Denis:    I just did the opening/closing 
> played the crowd in and out
> in the foyer) slot for the brilliant Residents  multi media show at the 
> Theatre in Santa Cruz this last Saturday and, in one of the pieces that
> pleased me the most (best to please oneself, eh?) . I ran
> a concert pitched D hungarian jaw harp and ran it through one of those 
> red Digitech Harmonizing Whammy Pedals, pitched down one octave, to 
> my rhythmic loop.  Over it, I used a low pitched irish tin whistle, also
> pitched down an octave which I then gutterally hummed an octave lower 
> as I blew the same melody whistle for my 'lead'.    That Digitech is 
> archaic and really inhibits fidelity, but, in this case  it came out
> sounding really, really cool.   You would have never known what 
> I used, initially and I have the wonderful added option of sweeping the
> footpedal form one octave below to normal pitch, which produced some 
> beautiful and mysterious sounding
> artifacts.  Who needs analogue synth 'bubbles'?
> Sorry,   no kazoo, unfortunately (though I have used one in a faux
> industrial looping experiments, previously).   Anyone ever catch the MTV
> unplugged CURE show where they let three of the bands
> fans sing the horn parts on kazoos for the song "Love Cats"?   
> P.C. checkin:   Is it o.k. to admit
> to loving the early Cure on loopers delight?


i loved the early cure too.

so, did any of this stuff get recorded?


lance g.

ps i didn't report back from the harry partch festival, but it was actually
really great. we only got there for the evening concert (so missed all the
lectures, "petting zoo" etc.), but john schneider & co. (*just strings*) 
excellent at presenting partch's early work...especially great was a 
madrigal setting of one of li po's poems, i think it was "the crane"- 
it seems to prove to certain university professors that harry could indeed
write "proper" music if necessary...very funny! john s. also presented the
original version of "barstow" with just voice and guitar accompaniment- 
was an extensive reading from "bitter music", partch's autobiographical
sketches of his hobo days...etc. etc. all in all an excellent evening!