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Re: Electrix blow-out

diatom drone (07:37 PM 05.31.2001) wrote:

 >so since it says "due 6-10" , is it safe to buy now? sorry if that's a 
 >question, but i don't often make purchases of this size, so i thought i'd
 >ask first!

A lot of folks have, and a lot of folks do on a regular basis. Personally, 
I would have no problems with doing so.

My missus bought one of each for her rig (sans the Repeater) - that's 
mine. :)

THusken@aol.com (07:58 PM 06.01.2001) wrote:

>Please don't tell me Electrix are having trouble...I'm still down about
>Alesis' problems!  Great gear at great prices should be rewarded with 
>success for ever and ever!

Well, Alesis is officially out of Chapter 11 (Numark bought them), but 
untold as to what the business plan will be.

Electrix is fine. They're re-aligning themselves to be able to concentrate 
on looping boxes, i.e., Repeater.

Repeater is still coming.