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Re: ACID and ACID stuff?

Oooops, I forgot that I am such a "Computer Nerd". Typing Of The Dead, is a video game, from those fine folks at SEGA. It's based on the 'House Of The Dead" video games, which you have probably seen being played in your local arcade, or movie house. Well this game is different, instead of out-right shooting the Axe wielding Zombie, words appear under the baddie, and to kill him, you have to "Type" the word (on your keyboard) to dispose of him. Download it from http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-1635591-100-4588416.html?tag=st.dl.10001-103-1.lst-7-1.4588416 . It helps with your typin skills, and the words that pop up, aren't your typical "Run Jane Run" level words... try typing "xenodochium" while a puss oozing Zombie with an Axe is running toward you !

----Original Message Follows----
From: lance glover
Reply-To: baumhaus@earthlink.net
To: dj_devious_d@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: ACID and ACID stuff?
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 15:41:20 -0700
Devious D_MasterMixer wrote:
> Touche' my man... I think I used the wrong "word" in describing the
> info that floats through these post "ARCHAIC", was not the word I
> wanted. It was 4:00 am, and I was play "Typing Of The Dead", and I
> went a little, bonkers. I wanted to use a word that meant "of obscure
> nature", but I slipped..... sorry.
i wuz jus riding you a bit. no worries!
lance g.
ps: yes, matt davignon is his real name...but i think his eyebrows are
pps: sorry to be a dweeb, but what's "typing of the dead"? is this some
kind of j. garcia seance on an old IBM?

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