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Re: Electrix blow-out

not to beat a dead horse, and to make a long story short.....:).....went to
MF web site and just ordered the goodies and it said on the site backordered
till 6-10-01.....so i assume they will be getting another shipment.....i put
this order on my mastercard.....then i called MF on the phone to cancel a
guitar stand that i purchased earlier in the day out of frustration for them
not having the electrix gear and them saying they were not getting any
in.....very poor in house comunications, web site different than live people
(go figure).....now here is the good part, i asked if i could get one of
their MF creditcards (no interest for 90 days) and take my order off my
mastercard, "yes we can do that" spoketh the young lady and they gave me an
additional 5% off the 99$ sale price for getting their card.....IF this all
works out, i will once again be totally amazed by our wonderful system of
doing business in this country.....:).....i may never leave my room