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re: RC-20

the Line6 pedal is the "DL4". Not LD4 or LM4 or BM4 or whatever other
variations you guys are experimenting with...

At 2:14 PM -0700 6/3/01, Bruce Satinover wrote:
>From: tim@timhelmen.com
>> But with the RC-20 it seems there is not that same
>>flexibilty. You set the end point of the loop and have
>>it restart by hitting the left switch.
>>This leaves you with the loop playing, like play mode
>>on the LD4. To get into overdub mode you have to hit
>>the same switch again. I imagine with practice one
>>could get this sequence down pretty well, but you'd
>>never be able to get to a mode where you're
>>overdubbing right from the re-start of the
>This is correct, but it is very easy to overdub as you
>are working, example; I make a loop, I press the left
>footswitch and the RC-20 plays back my previous music.
>I can tap the pedal as the loop is playing and overdub
>as I see fit.

fwiw, I think you missed Tim's point there. He wants to have the choice to
be immediately overdubbing after he ends record. This technique is commonly
used in textural loops, where you want some sustained sound to continue
from the end of the loop into the beginning of the loop to make a seamless
feel. Also if you were doing some sort of counterpoint thing, you might
want to immediately overdub the second line as the loop starts repeating.
So you continue to play as you end record enter overdub, and your playing
is continuouly added to the loop. I think most loopers do this in some way,
and certainly any cheap delay pedal does. It sounds like the RC-20 can't do
this after the first loop record without introducing a gap in the overdub
as you tap the button a second time to get into overdub. That may be a
major problem or no problem at all, depending on what kind of looping you
want to do.

>Again, you need to move up in price to get the
>features you are discussing.

hmm, not really. I'm sure they could have done it on the rc-20 if they
thought about it. It's just a question of how the user interface is
programmed to work.

>The Echoplex line has
>some nice features but are difficult to find and not
>always the most realtime friendly.

I think echoplexes are pretty easy to find these days, since Gibson is
producing a lot more of them now than they used to. The echoplex is pretty
much entirely designed to be real-time friendly, so I'm not sure how you
got that impression. In this case, it is probably a good example of what
Tim is after.

The echoplex always allows you to transition from one function immediately
to another with one button press. You never have press a button to end one
function then press another button to start the next, so it keeps the
foot-tapping to a minimum. So if you are recording a loop, you simply end
by pressing whatever function you want to go into. The echoplex stops the
record for you, starts the loop repeating, and the new function you want is
on, all with one button press. For example, if you end the record by
pressing overdub, the loop starts repeating with overdub on. End record
with reverse, and it is immediately reversing, etc. Similar with other
functions, like going from mulitply right into insert or replace or
whatever. To me, that is real-time friendly, because whatever you want to
do you just hit it and you're there, with only one button tap. The machine
takes care of all the steps in between for you.


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