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Re: Electrix going out of business?

Peter Wilson (06:12 PM 06/04/01) wrote:

>I mailed Zzounds.com to see if they'd match the $99 price on Electrix 
>effects. This was the reply I got. Can anyone confirm?
>Unfortunately, we cannot compete with a price that is below dealer cost 
>for this item. This is an unusual situation, so please try The Spy again.
>Special Comment:
>Sorry to say but Electrix is going out of business and did not include us 
>in their inventory liqiudation.  Thanks the Spy

No, this is not true. My guess is that either Zzounds are being 
spoiled-sports or they're just not informed.

It is true that Electrix made a deal with only Guitar Center/Musician's 
Friend. Both of these outfits are being shipped more boxes this week.

Electrix is discontinuing their old product line in favor of being able to 
focus on new looping products, i.e., Repeater. Repeaters are built, packed 
in boxes, and waiting for final code so that they can ship. They're still 
looking at shipping very soon.

It's pretty common these days for a small company to consolidate their 
resources on where they think the market is. I think that's what we're 
seeing happen with Electrix.