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Reverb? I'll show you reverb:

I don't recall this being discussed previously, but this is now #1 on my
list of places to play a ambient show at:


"Located in Montréal's old port, Silo #5B-1 was built in 1958 and has been
cited by Le Corbusier as a masterpiece of modern architecture. The elevator
was used to store grain which came to Montréal by rail and departed by sea.
Due to changes in the global grain market the elevator became obsolete and
was closed in 1996. Since then it has remained empty and, for reasons of
security, closed to the public. The structure, constructed entirely of
reinforced concrete, is 200 metres long, 16 metres wide and approximately 
metres at its highest point. The main section of the building is formed of
approximately 115 vertical chambers, all 30 metres high and up to 8 metres
in diameter. These tall parallel cylinders, whose form evokes the structure
of an enormous organ, have exceptional acoustic properties: a
stunning reverberation time of over 20 seconds. Anything played inside the
Silo is euphonized, made beautiful, by the acoustics of the structure. All
those who have entered have found it an overwhelming and unforgettable

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