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Re: [Samplestation] re: response to your reply.

Oh, the Triton Pro (76 Key ?), yes I know it well, I am using that one as 
speak, but I digress. I sniffed through your email, and I smell trouble. 
seems as if you have a reBirth problem, but do you really ?
(I hope these aren't warez, cracked versions.... that series of programs 
hot on the warez sites, and it's just a coincidence that you have 
but I digress).
ReBirth is similar to Fruity Loops Pro, except you are not using .wav 
The ReBirth is a synth, and many of the sounds (if not all), are generated 
by the application. You just need some help in programming the interface, 
which is like a Drum Machine, Synth and Tracker all in one. Now, to 
it, you must understand step recording (that's simple), and have some 
theory... 1/2 beats all that jazz. I can't really sit here and type all 
is involved with the app, because it is very extensive and difficult, ( I 
know I dragged through it). But make sure you do not have the "cracked" 
version. It (I hear) does not function properly. It's like having the 
but with save function. You can not import skins, and no matter what you 
try, you keep getting that Demo song in that Bad Oscar! Trying to clear 
banks, so that you can imput your own stuff is difficult, so I HOPE you 
the real version, WareZ just suck.
Well, if you still need help, ask me something specific, and I will try to 
help as much as I can. There is a cool app called ReMaker, which will 
convert your .rbs files to .wav files for further mixing... but I digress!
*** Special Note - I really don't have anything against WareZ, back in the 
day, I was poor and destitute, so that was the only way I could get this 
stuff, now I am gainfully employed, so I have no problem buying the 
apps (no matter the cost.... well I did buy ACID 3.0 for $99.00, but that 
another matter).

Peace and Hair Grease !

----Original Message Follows----

Ok now this thread is boring me.....wish i never said
anything now.

Right now all is said and done, i wonder if you guys
can help me, Ive been using programmes like acid pro
2, friuty loops 3, cool edit pro 2000 and soundforge
five get on with them brilliantly but and its a big
BUT, (not mine i have quite a cute but) i bought
Steinbergs ReBirth 2.0.1 quite some time ago cost me
alot and really cant get on with it, i understand its
a sequencer/synth/sampler but really how does it work
the manual you get with it you need a manual to
understand it, I presume it again deals with the good
ol'midi files, and if this is the case i really need
to save up for that triton keyboard.
mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM dounts!

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