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Re: OT girlfriend/wife/mistress joke and appropirateness

Dennis wrote:

"wow a new self appointed list moderator"

to which I reply:     if someone wrote in with an offtopic racist joke,
people would be all over there case.   i just think that it has to be
to any woman to have such a 'boys club' atmosphere on our list.   it is not
a huge deal to me,  nor am i outraged (being the WASP male that I am, i
could actually see the humour in it and actually forwarded it to my
realllllllllllyyy old school father) but i was also embarrassed that 
was forced to respond with AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH.      i want to be on 
list that feels inclusive to everyone.    this kind of post just seems a
little counterproductive for that kind of vibe.      i don't feel black and
white about this issue and i think it is a general waste of time on this
if you'd like to flame me,agree with me or elucidate me,  please write me
individually at GLOBAL@cruzio.com adn let's get onto the business
of obsessing about ELECTRIX ;-)