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AABA on JamMan

Hi to all!

I am trying to play an AABA scheme with my JamMan (32 sec.), but I am not
succesful so far.

I would like to record loop 1 (the first A) as follows: 4 bars in tempo 60
with 16 midi quarter notes in punch in loop mode, actually resulting in a 8
bars loop in tempo 120 with 32 quarter notes). Then loop 1 should be
repeated (no layering, just playing) to form the second A. After that loop 
should be recorded to form the B. Finally our first loop 1 comes back to
form the third A. So this would buid an AABA scheme, which I would like to
repeat a couple of times, each time adding new sounds to the first A and 

I've tried to do this with the sequencer being the master and the Jamman as
a slave. I am programming in Logic on my Mac.I would like to copy the final
sequence in Logic to a stand alone sequencer (Yamaha QY70) which I could
take with me on stage to drive the JamMan. I would like to use a headphone
with a clicktrack for the first 2 or 3 choruses.
I have found out that after recording the B (loop 2), there is no way of
cuing the JamMan in order to continue playing loop 1 straight away. It 
to play loop 2 first. Well Okay....in that case I've decided to first get
both loops in the Jamman by lowering the input knob to zero and start the
sequencer. I programmed a Tap on the first beat of bar1 and it records loop
1 (4 bars, tempo 60), it plays loop1 and then goes into recording loop 2
with the same lenght. I let play loop 2 (which is silent, since the input
knob is on zero) and raise the input knob to a good level. I cue loop 1 and
start playing my instrument and recording my first A. It then starts 
the second A, I cue loop2 and sometimes it goes into record mode and
sometimes not. Then things are getting messy and out of sync. I've tried
dozens of diffent Tap commands but the JamMan just does what it likes.
*is there someone who has already made a midi-file which can do an AABA
*Could I record a click and then shift it forward to sound in sync. Will
there be any cutoffs on my recordings?

So, not being succesful I want to try and use the JamMan as the master
controlling the sequencer. Before I spend another 20 hours on finding out
how to do this, could someone tell me the secret???

Thanks for reading all this. Help greatly appreciated!

Frank Bilsen

The Music Lab
Frank Bilsen
tel: +31 299 404823 or +31 6 54226182
fax: 0299-404834
e-mail: musiclab@planet.nl
site: http://welcome.to/themusiclab