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Re: London Jazz

> I have been walking by the occasional poster in London - while 
>continuing to
>  look for work - and see a number of things advertising "Live Jazz".  I 
>  like I should find out just WHAT they think of as "Jazz" here -- is it 
>  form improvisation"?  or more a situation for guitarists like "non-Les 
>  clones need not apply".?
Hi Stephen
Most UK jazz fans seem to like it unadventurous, so
probably your posters are refering what I would call "pub jazz".
( Les Paul might be a bit too advanced)
OR maybe jazz-funk type stuff .
"free form improvisation" is more likely to be found at
specialist venues. (Jazz Cafe)

if your looking for free-form-imp in London then I
don't think you'd generally find it under the 'jazz' label.
try 'wire' magazine.

there's definately an improv scene (including loops), but this
is reputedly quite hard to break into if your ideas don't match

andy butler