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Re: Newbie multiple loop playing question....

The magazine was a summer 2000 issue of Guitar Player
(I'm at work, so I can't look up the exact month). 
Trey uses a Boomerang and an old Ibanez rackmount
delay in his guitar rig, and an additional Boomerang
for his synth setup.

>I'm not sure if this is still the case, but Trey was
>using TWO Boomerangs,
>or possibly three. (I'm positive it was at least two,
>but at the moment I
>can't find the magazine that had the layout of his
>stage setup...)

>Multiple loops are easy with multiple loopers!-t

At 05:53 PM 6/7/01 -0600, Jess wrote:
>One thing that I really thought I heard in a
>Trey solo was two separate loops playing at once.
They were not overdubs
>as they had a different loop time it seemed. Now,
everything I seem to
>read is that Trey used a Boomerang but maybe is now
using the Echoplex.

And if it's up to us to bring some balance back
Let it not be said it's courage that we lack

-Gaia Consort, "Cry Freedom"

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